What is an expert witness?…and how to avoid ever having to rely on one!

I’m often asked about being an expert witness and people are always intrigued about what an expert witness in marketing does. Essentially, an expert witness is someone with specialist knowledge of, or experience in, a particular field or discipline. Their role, indeed, duty, is to provide an impartial opinion on specific facts or incidences withinContinue reading “What is an expert witness?…and how to avoid ever having to rely on one!”

Harnessing the power of social media for small businesses – getting started

If you only have a small marketing budget, social media can seem like an ideal way to promote your product or service. Twenty years ago marketers could only dream of having access to such a huge audience so quickly but if you’ve not got much time or experience of using social media, where do you start? IContinue reading “Harnessing the power of social media for small businesses – getting started”

The impact of Covid-19 on my inbox (2)

The lockdown weeks My last blog ended with a quote from P&O Cruises. I do feel sorry for them. Overall, P&O’s campaign during lockdown has been quite good, but the cruise industry’s reputation has been hit badly during this coronavirus pandemic and there’s little one company can do to negate it. Doing something is probablyContinue reading “The impact of Covid-19 on my inbox (2)”

The impact of Covid-19 on my inbox

Early days – acknowledge, assure, advice, action and appreciation My next few posts reflect on how businesses communicated with their customers during the coronavirus pandemic and how the messages have changed over time.  This first post focuses on the period between 28th February and the 23rd March, when lockdown was announced in the UK. P&OContinue reading “The impact of Covid-19 on my inbox”

How to be a successful entrepreneur

I love hearing the stories of how people have developed their businesses. Few have found the journey to success easy and most worked hard and made significant sacrifices before becoming successful. It is clear that there is no one reason or way to start your own business – each person has a uniquely individual journeyContinue reading “How to be a successful entrepreneur”

Post Coronavirus – will we go back to everyday life?

Earlier this week I came across a report from ‘Not Everyday Life’. It seeks to understand how COVID-19 is impacting people across the world.  The report is based on the results of over 175 interviews from across 35 countries.  From this, seven, mainly positive, themes have emerged which not only impact how we work butContinue reading “Post Coronavirus – will we go back to everyday life?”