Lockdown heroes – Thrive Law

Have you ever got anything from a solicitor for free? Legal firms don’t have the greatest of reputations for keeping fees down which often means that just when you need advice, for example, when you’re in danger of becoming redundant, you can’t afford to get it. So, I was intrigued when I found out aboutContinue reading “Lockdown heroes – Thrive Law”

Surviving Lockdown – Origin Fine Foods

This mini-series features several small retail and hospitality businesses who have survived, and, in some instances, thrived, during lockdown. The first case is about Origin Fine Foods – a small delicatessen and cafe in West Yorkshire. Local heroes – rising to the occasion While some cafes and small stores closed up shop and stayed atContinue reading “Surviving Lockdown – Origin Fine Foods”

The impact of Covid-19 on my inbox (2)

The lockdown weeks My last blog ended with a quote from P&O Cruises. I do feel sorry for them. Overall, P&O’s campaign during lockdown has been quite good, but the cruise industry’s reputation has been hit badly during this coronavirus pandemic and there’s little one company can do to negate it. Doing something is probablyContinue reading “The impact of Covid-19 on my inbox (2)”

The impact of Covid-19 on my inbox

Early days – acknowledge, assure, advice, action and appreciation My next few posts reflect on how businesses communicated with their customers during the coronavirus pandemic and how the messages have changed over time.  This first post focuses on the period between 28th February and the 23rd March, when lockdown was announced in the UK. P&OContinue reading “The impact of Covid-19 on my inbox”

Post Coronavirus – will we go back to everyday life?

Earlier this week I came across a report from ‘Not Everyday Life’. It seeks to understand how COVID-19 is impacting people across the world.  The report is based on the results of over 175 interviews from across 35 countries.  From this, seven, mainly positive, themes have emerged which not only impact how we work butContinue reading “Post Coronavirus – will we go back to everyday life?”