Looking backward to move forward

If you haven’t had time yet to reflect on the past year or consider any objectives or “New Year Resolutions” for 2022, it’s not too late. The whole of January is a time for reflection, looking forward, and new starts. Indeed, you can do it at any time – January 1st has no particular powersContinue reading “Looking backward to move forward”

“Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant!”

It’s the last few days of the school holidays here in England and typically the weather’s been lousy. Talking to parents, it’s stopped them from going out with the kids to do something special as they might just end up getting soaked to the skin.  Typically, yesterday – a Bank Holiday in England – theContinue reading ““Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant!””

New Year resolutions – do they work for you?

Like Marmite, people either love or hate New Year resolutions. I’m more in the latter category. Yet having goals to aim for and a strategy for getting there is extremely powerful. One of the reasons resolutions often fail is that we tend to focus on what we think we ‘ought’ to be doing rather thanContinue reading “New Year resolutions – do they work for you?”