What does being a Chartered Marketer mean to me?

I’ve been a Chartered Marketer for over 20 years. This means that for two decades I have been committed to keeping up-to-date with marketing trends and developments through continuous professional development.

And, sometimes that commitment can seem hard to keep.

It takes commitment to push oneself to attend training or read a relevant paper or book when you have a long ‘to-do’ list that keeps vying for your attention.

It also takes commitment to keep track of what you’re doing and to reflect on this learning. (I’ve started color-coding my outlook diary – all training is highlighted in orange. It really helps!)

But if I want to be the best for my clients, I need to continually learn and stretch myself. I cannot afford to stand still and become a relic of the past.

Each year, I promise myself I won’t leave it to the last minute to upload my evidence. Yet, each autumn, I find myself scrolling through my diary, trying to recall what events and training I attended and looking at the pile of books I’ve read for inspiration.

But, what always amazes me is how many learning opportunities I’ve actually engaged with over the past 12 months and how these opportunities have shaped my plans and activities as a result. The act of collating and reflecting on my CPD reinforces the learning from it.

Reflection is a powerful thing!

So, fingers crossed, in a few weeks, I’ll receive my 21st Certificate of Chartered Marketer Status in the post…

I’ll never take it for granted.


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