My business is 2 years old today!

Last year, I posted an article about lessons learned during my first year in business. I re-read the blog yesterday and it still rang true. You can find it here: Was I an April fool to start my own business during lockdown? – June Dennis I’m still learning! So this post is a reflection of whatContinue reading “My business is 2 years old today!”

Looking backward to move forward

If you haven’t had time yet to reflect on the past year or consider any objectives or “New Year Resolutions” for 2022, it’s not too late. The whole of January is a time for reflection, looking forward, and new starts. Indeed, you can do it at any time – January 1st has no particular powersContinue reading “Looking backward to move forward”

Personal update – I’ve become a chair! How did that happen?

When I became a member of the Institute of Marketing in 1989, I could never have imagined that I would become the Chair of the association that has helped shape my career over the past 30 plus years. I began my marketing career working as a marketing coordinator for an engineering plastics distributor and oftenContinue reading “Personal update – I’ve become a chair! How did that happen?”

Getting ready for Christmas 2021

On December 1st, millions of children (and adults) will be looking forward to opening the first window of their Advent calendars in anticipation of the tiny chocolate treat that awaits. You may have a more extravagant calendar awaiting you with candles, cheese, beer, skincare products, or even jewelry behind every door – a few yearsContinue reading “Getting ready for Christmas 2021”

Duvet day on Black Friday

I do so love a bargain! I can feel my heart skip a beat and my adrenalin levels rise when I think I can get something at a discount or free. I rarely buy clothes at full price. Only yesterday I spent £10 more on my Lakeland order so I could get free postage andContinue reading “Duvet day on Black Friday”

Is all publicity good publicity?

Is it merely a coincidence that just as students return to university, the press have picked on to the news that Red Bull, the energy drink brand, has opposed the registration of gin brand, Bullards, trademark? I’m not a legal advisor but it’s clear that sometimes an organisation needs to protect its brand from copycatsContinue reading “Is all publicity good publicity?”

“Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant!”

It’s the last few days of the school holidays here in England and typically the weather’s been lousy. Talking to parents, it’s stopped them from going out with the kids to do something special as they might just end up getting soaked to the skin.  Typically, yesterday – a Bank Holiday in England – theContinue reading ““Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant!””

Marketing in the Digital Age

When I studied for my marketing qualifications in the 1980s, digital marketing did not exist. Even by the mid-1990s, when I was the marketing and public relations manager for a headwear manufacturer, we had one desk computer between 15 staff; we used fax machines to communicate with suppliers and clients,and my secretary was struggling toContinue reading “Marketing in the Digital Age”

Where have the last 6 months gone?

How did we get to the middle of the year? If you’re a small business owner, July is a great time to take stock of how things are going and review your plans and objectives. Plans rarely to go plan. I was possibly a little too optimistic with my financial targets at the start ofContinue reading “Where have the last 6 months gone?”