The Next Great Disruption is Hybrid Work – are we ready?

This Microsoft report is a must-read for business owners and managers. The research, published last month, is based on a study of over 30,000 people in 31 countries and data from Microsoft 365 and LinkedIn. It clearly articulates how employees have been impacted by the events of the past year and notes 7 key trendsContinue reading “The Next Great Disruption is Hybrid Work – are we ready?”

What do the best awaydays have in common?

If you’ve worked in a management role for any length of time, you’ve almost certainly attended or even led a number of departmental awaydays. I suspect some were more useful than others and there might even have been a couple that went a bit pear-shaped, or were so boring that you couldn’t wait for theContinue reading “What do the best awaydays have in common?”

Taking time out of the day-to-day business…

When was the last time you went on an awayday to think strategically about your business? Now, I know that during lockdown we can’t go to a hotel or even a coffee shop to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life but perhaps you can turn your phone off and moveContinue reading “Taking time out of the day-to-day business…”

“The hills are my friends.”

I live in a village called Queensbury. It’s on top of a ridge 1,100 ft above sea level looking down on Bradford and Halifax, West Yorkshire. Locally, it’s infamous for its bad weather, especially in winter when the snow drifts. Queensbury is said to have the highest school and the highest church bells in England.Continue reading ““The hills are my friends.””

I’m on a mission to broaden your marketing horizons! (2)

Earlier, I noted that most people – businesses and consumers alike – perceive marketing to be about selling products and services through promotional activities, particularly digital marketing and social media marketing. When I talked about ‘strategic marketing’, they interpreted it as ‘defining your ideal client’ and/or ‘developing social media plans’. Why has marketing become soContinue reading “I’m on a mission to broaden your marketing horizons! (2)”

I’m on a mission to broaden your marketing horizons! (1)

Over the past decade, I’ve noticed a sea change in people’s perceptions of marketing. I first noticed this when I was talking about marketing at networking events. I could sense a disconnect that took me a while to fathom. What I came to realise was my understanding of the term marketing was different from howContinue reading “I’m on a mission to broaden your marketing horizons! (1)”

Was I an April fool to start my own business during lockdown?

On Tuesday 31st March 2020, I closed the lid of my work laptop and put it away for the last time. My career as a full-time academic had ended and I was about to join the ranks of the self-employed for the first time in 21 years. When I first worked for myself, some 25Continue reading “Was I an April fool to start my own business during lockdown?”

If you want to get ahead, get a hat!

Celebrating Wear A Hat Day I just had to write a blog today on” Wear a Hat Day”, given I used to be a marketing manager for a headwear company in Stockport many years ago. Christy & Co made the traditional top hat and bowler and a vast range of flat caps, and felt andContinue reading “If you want to get ahead, get a hat!”

Making the most of lockdown networking

I started Mountain Top Perspectives in April 2020 – just at the start of lockdown. Hence, I’ve had to embrace virtual networking whether I liked it or not. Previously, my experience of face-to-face networking events had been hit and miss. I’m a shy extrovert and entering a room full of people I don’t know hasContinue reading “Making the most of lockdown networking”

New Year resolutions – do they work for you?

Like Marmite, people either love or hate New Year resolutions. I’m more in the latter category. Yet having goals to aim for and a strategy for getting there is extremely powerful. One of the reasons resolutions often fail is that we tend to focus on what we think we ‘ought’ to be doing rather thanContinue reading “New Year resolutions – do they work for you?”