Taking time out of the day-to-day business…

When was the last time you went on an awayday to think strategically about your business?

Now, I know that during lockdown we can’t go to a hotel or even a coffee shop to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life but perhaps you can turn your phone off and move to a different room for the day or sit outside for a while? I’ve been making a point of spending time sitting somewhere different, usually in my lounge, to think and plan for the next stage of my business. I tend to spend part of the day planning for the future and then the rest of the day working on something I usually never find the time to do. So, for example, I set up my contact database on one occasion, on another, my vision board. I also try to spend some of the time bringing together thoughts and ideas that I’ve noted from events I’ve attended and books I’ve read over the past weeks. It’s amazing how much good stuff can never see the light of day, otherwise!

I’ve facilitated many awaydays during my career and can testify to how beneficial they can be, but when we are busy, they can quite easily go by the wayside. Today, I realised that I hadn’t had any real thinking time since the start of the New Year and couldn’t see how I would be able to fit any time into my diary. So, I’ve sat down, opened my diary, and blocked out some strategy days for the next few months. As I get busier, I need these days more than ever. I’ve also booked some annual leave – it’s so easy not to take any leave during lockdown when you haven’t got a boss to remind you to take some! 

So, why not take action and book yourself a strategy day for your business? I promise that you’ll be amazed at the insight you’ll get and how it will help both broaden your perspectives and also focus on what’s most important for your business right now. Perhaps your first one should be just for yourself – as leaders we need to spend time thinking strategically in order to direct others.

If this is new to you and you think you might need a little help in structuring your strategy day, please get in touch and I would be delighted to facilitate it and guide you through it.

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