Duvet day on Black Friday

I do so love a bargain!

I can feel my heart skip a beat and my adrenalin levels rise when I think I can get something at a discount or free. I rarely buy clothes at full price. Only yesterday I spent £10 more on my Lakeland order so I could get free postage and packaging (which cost £3.50)! I might work in marketing, but I’m a glutton for punishment when it comes to a BOGOF promotion!

But how do we know something’s a bargain?

How do you judge something’s value?

About 7 years ago, I was invited to a Temple Spa evening at a neighbour’s house. Now, I’m usually a Boots No 7 girl and the Temple Spa products are nearly double the price of what I would usually pay. I purchased a couple of items and thought I would help my friend get her hosting gift by hosting a Temple Spa party myself.

It was a lovely evening and, at the end of it, I ‘won’ a gift for hosting the event. Indeed, I could choose any one of the gifts available based on the number of sales on the day. I remember one being a set of travel-sized items, priced at around £35 and another included some Duvet body lotion for £50. Now I rarely use body lotion – I’ve got loads unused in my cupboard – but, despite the travel items being more useful for me as I travelled a lot for work, I wanted to get my money’s worth. So, I opted for the body lotion. After all, £50 is a lot of money.

That tub of body lotion remained in my cupboard unused for seven years…

Earlier this year, during lockdown, I decided to use up some of the toiletries that had sat in my cupboard for years. I picked out the Duvet cream. Surely, I couldn’t use this for normal use – it’s too expensive. After all, it was worth fifty quid? Tentatively, I twisted the lid open. Surprisingly, it was still OK, albeit a little more sloppy than I recall.

It really wasn’t worth the fifty quid I didn’t pay for it. But it also wasn’t worth not using it.

Photo of an empty jar of Temple Spa Duvet firming body lotion on worktop.
Duvet Day

This empty jar of body cream represents my greed, my desire to get my money’s worth at all costs.

 As I reflect on what it’s meant to me, I am reminded of some valuable lessons:

  • An item’s value is based on whether and how I use it, not how much it ‘cost’.
  • I should enjoy using my valuable items.
  • I gain no joy in locking things away for ‘a special day’.
  • I should only buy and keep what I will use or enjoy.

I’m sure we’ve all got things in our wardrobes, cupboards, homes and life that we bought to make us feel good or out of greed and haven’t used. Maybe now’s the time to get them out and enjoy them. And, to resolve not to fall into the greed trap again.

I’m preaching to myself here, but can I ask you a favour? As your heart skips a beat when you see massive discounts being touted around this weekend, step back and ask yourself if it’s worth it? Will you use it?

Don’t be swayed by the amount you’re ‘saving’, seek value.

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